Prof. Dr. Kurt Schneider

Supervisor Alexander Specht, Jakob Droste
Type Lab (4 SWS)
Room G325
Duaration 11.04.2023 - 18.07.2023
Date Tuesday, 14:00 - 17:00
Examination  Lab

Course Information

Semester Topic

Apps for little-known applications


Learning Objectives

  • The students know concepts for the realization of applications with the help of the Unity engine.
  • The students are familiar with new technologies, such as Kinect or virtual reality glasses, and are able to program interactive applications (apps) for them.
  • The students can independently develop interactive, creative applications in smaller groups.
  • The students can independently solve problems in their groups using previously unknown technology.


Basics: In the first part of the lab, students learn about non-standard applications and how they are used in various ways in everyday life. In order to prepare the students for the second part of the lab, basic content on programming with C# and Unity Engine will be taught. Afterwards, students will discuss and practice together how technologies that are initially unknown (e.g. Kinect or Virtual Reality) can be tapped and used in the field of software engineering. This content will be applied in the context of smaller applications in the laboratory.

Main part: In the second part of the course, students work in small groups to develop applications from the field of virtual reality or the Xbox Kinect using the Unity engine. In doing so, the students get to know these technologies in more detail and are guided to also design and implement creative applications. These applications (apps) will then be presented and discussed in plenary. Prerequisites: Software project and a higher programming language (e.g. C# or Java).