Software Engineering

Research Directions

  • Requirements Engineering: In order to meet customer requirements, those requirements must be known and validated. Existing techniques are applied and developed further.
  • Software Quality: Software must be correct, robust, and fast - to name just a few quality aspects. Code needs to be developed and evaluated efficiently with those quality goals in mind.
  • Special quality characteristics such as security, usability and explainability of software.
  • Apps and Web Engineering: Systematic software developement for mobile applications and the web. Software gets more and more transfered to the web and mobile applications are becoming increasingly important for the daily work. Software Engineering techniques are adjusted and refined for these areas.
  • Information Flow Analysis: Requirements and technical information need to reach developers in time for respective development activities. However, workflows may exceed document-based processes. Communication through meetings, email and in other forms needs to be optimized together with the flow of documents in a project. Tailored documentation and information flows enable software projects to tune their workflows and processes to their individual quality goals.

Our concepts are applied and extended in industry cooperations.

Head of Software Engineering: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Kurt Schneider

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