»Kategorie Forschungsprojekte«

  • HapticHead
    HapticHead is a novel around-the-head tactile display which can be used as an output system for moving tactile 3D guidance cues or immersive applications in Virtual- and Augmented Reality.
    Leitung: Oliver Beren Kaul
    Team: Oliver Beren Kaul, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2021
    Laufzeit: 2016-2021
  • DSSARTH: Entwicklung eines automatisierten Entscheidungshilfe Systems für den biologischen und integrierten Pflanzenschutz unter Glas
    Ziel des Projekts ist die Entwicklung einer einfachen und benutzerfreundlichen Entscheidungshilfe für den biologischen und integrierten Pflanzenschutz von Schadarthropoden unter Glas. Zentrales Element ist die regelmäßige Erfassung der Populationsdichte im Bestand, die durch einen automatisierten Prozess vereinfacht werden soll.
    Team: Kin-Woon Yeow, Matthias Becker
    Jahr: 2019
  • Multiwave
    Multiwave is a fully configurable function generator for haptic feedback that can control a large number of outputs in all signal parameters completely independend from each other.
    Team: Maximilian Schrapel, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2019
  • DFG-Projekt OffshorePlan
    Komplementäre Nutzung mathematischer und ereignisdiskreter Modelle zur Lösung komplexer Planungs- und Steuerungsprobleme in der Offshore-Baustellenlogistik (2019-2021). Projektpartner: BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik
    Team: Shengrui Peng, Matthias Becker, Helena Szczerbicka
    Jahr: 2019
  • Pentelligence
    Pentelligence is a digital pen that recognizes handwriting with audio and motion data. It uses deep learning to achieve recognition rates of over 98% on digits without any writing instructions.
    Team: Maximilian Schrapel, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2018
  • MuscleIO: Muscle-Based Input and Output for Casual Notifications
    MuscleIO is an interaction technique that uses the users muscle as an input and output device. We present on our project page the concept and our prototype. Resources to rebuild the system can also be found on the project page.
    Team: Tim Dünte, Justin Schulte, Max Pfeiffer, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2018
  • Zap++ - An EMS System for Fine-Grained Wearable Force Feedback
    Zap++ is an prototype stimulator for fine grained electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It is designed to enable complex, mobile EMS Feedback.
    Leitung: Tim Dünte
    Team: Tim Dünte, Max Pfeiffer, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2017
  • EmojiZoom
    With EmojiZoom, you no longer scroll through many pages of emoji to look for the one you want. Instead, we show you all emoji at once. Of course, it would be hard to pick an emoji in this zoomed out view. But by tapping on the screen you can zoom in to that point and then select an emoji from this view. You can also use pinch gestures to zoom in or out as much as you want. You'll soon remember the general area where your favorite emoji can be found. This makes entering them very easy and fast.
    Leitung: Prof. Dr. Michael Rohs
    Team: Henning Pohl, Dennis Stanke, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2016
  • Let Your Body Move Toolkit
    The Let Your Body Move ToolKit is a rapid prototyping toolkit for generating and testing mobile force feedback with electrical muscle stimulation.
    Leitung: Max Pfeiffer
    Team: Max Pfeiffer, Tim Dünte, Michael Rohs
    Jahr: 2016