Dr. rer. nat. Jil Ann-Christin Klünder

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Dr. rer. nat. Jil Ann-Christin Klünder
© Fachgebiet Software Engineering
Dr. rer. nat. Jil Ann-Christin Klünder

Research Interests

  • Communication and interactions in software development teams
  • Information flow analysis and collaboration in teams
  • Social network analysis and graph theory
  • Agile and hybrid software processes
  • Applied machine learning


 Selected Publications

  • Jil Klünder, Oliver Karras: Meetings and Mood–Related or Not? Insights from Student Software Projects. In Proceedings of the 16th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, 2022.
  • Jil Klünder, Felix Trommer, Nils Prenner. How agile coaches create an agile mindset in development teams: Insights from an interview study. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, 34(12), e2491, 2022.
  • Marc Herrmann, Martin Obaidi, Larissa Chazette, Jil Klünder: On the subjectivity of emotions in software projects: How reliable are pre-labeled data sets for sentiment analysis?. Journal of Systems and Software, 193, 111448, 2922.
  • Marco Kuhrmann, Jürgen Münch, Jil Klünder. Hacking or Engineering? Towards an Extended Entrepreneurial Software Engineering Model. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Software and System Processes and International Conference on Global Software Engineering, 2022.
  • Jil Klünder, Regina Hebig, Paolo Tell, Marco Kuhrmann, Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende, Rogardt Heldal, Stephan Krusche, Masud Fazal-Baqaie, Michael Felderer, Marcela Fabiana Genero Bocco, Steffen Küpper, Sherlock A. Licorish, Gustavo López, Fergal Mc Caffery, Özden Özcan Top, Christian R. Prause, Rafael Prikladnicki, Eray Tüzün, Dietmar Pfahl, Kurt Schneider, Stephen MacDonell: Catching up with Method and Process Practice: An Industry-Informed Baseline for Researchers, In Proceedings of the 41st International Conference on Software Engineering (Software Engineering in Practice Track), 2019.