M. Sc. Oliver Karras

© Fachgebiet Software Engineering
M. Sc. Oliver Karras
© Fachgebiet Software Engineering

Forschungsinteressen und -bereiche

  • Requirements Engineering
    • Requirements / knowledge communication
    • Production and application of videos
  • Software Engineering / Human Computer Interaction
    • Empirical research
    • User experience
    • Graphical user interface design
  • Application Development
    • JavaFX applications



Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • Oliver Karras, Kurt Schneider, Samuel A. Fricker: Representing Software Project Vision by Means of Video: A Quality Model for Vision Videos, Journal of Systems and Software, 162, 2020.
  • Oliver Karras: Software Professionals’ Attitudes Towards Video as a Medium in Requirements Engineering, International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement, Springer 2018.
  • Oliver Karras, Alexandra Risch, Kurt Schneider: Interrelating Use Cases and Associated Requirements by Links: An Eye Tracking Study on the Impact of Different Linking Variants on the Reading Behavior, 22nd International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, ACM 2018.
  • Zahra Shakeri Hossein Abad, Oliver Karras, Parisa Ghazi, Martin Glinz, Guenther Ruhe, Kurt Schneider: What Works Better? A Study of Classifying Requirements, IEEE 25th International Requirements Engineering Conference, IEEE 2017.
  • Oliver Karras, Stephan Kiesling, Kurt Schneider: Supporting Requirements Elicitation by Tool-Supported Video Analysis, IEEE 24th International Requirements Engineering Conference, IEEE 2016.